Telling our Stories-Launch of Uncommon Voices Video Series

The Eleanor Project is proud to announce the launch of our new video series: Uncommon Voices. It is our attempt to catalog the stories of women in Stockton who have made a major difference in our community. We want to share those stories with others, at our schools, churches and places where these lessons can benefit others. Join us in watching the inaugural video featuring Beverly Fitch McCarthy-feminist, teacher, civic leader and found of the Commission on the Status of Women.

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Mark your calendar for the next TEP Talk. It will be "Legendary"-November 28 at the Stockton Civic Theatre! Short video

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The Eleanor Project's recent events like our dinner and discussions and the new Know Me series connects women together in meaningful ways! Learn more at! ...

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Jade Simmons memorable presentation at Pacific's advancing women's leadership gave us all tremendous lessons in making valuable connections that make a difference. What an inspiration! ...

It's not enough to be in the room with powerful people. First, take the time to understand and value the power of each person. I was blown away by the tidbits I learned about each woman in this picture. Secondly, whether you're sitting next to a tech billionaire or are flanked by a federal court judge and a university president, owner of sports franchises, bank presidents and business tycoons, don't you dare discount what YOU bring to the room. What you add to the mix might be the very thing that catalyzes the day! Own that.

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