Our Programs

Oxygen Mask Social Events

As the number of members in the Eleanor Project grows through their experience with Dinner and Discussion, we will begin to host larger group events with a special invite to those who become members to join us for a social event, called Oxygen Mask Evenings.

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Dinner & Discussions

Our Dinner & Discussion events connect professional, established women with ambitious and influential young ladies in the community.

The dinners will have specific instructions provided to the dinner hosts delivered in a special Eleanor Project gift box. The box will include dinner invites, instructions, place mats that are scripts for dialog, thank you notes and gift tags for the respective “small gift” that is handed to each guest at the close.

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WOO (Women Owned and Operated)

The Eleanor Project wants to recognize, celebrate and do business with WOO establishments. WOO is Women Owned and Operated! The major focus of our effort is to identify businesses that are created and operated by women in our community. We asked our local chambers, business forecasting centers and other local agencies if any list exists that highlights businesses where women are the primary owners and found none.

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