TEP Talk

Our TEP Talks are the heartbeat of Eleanor. We annually host two TEP Talk programs within the year as a way to highlight and showcase women leaders in our community. These events are part of your membership offering and as a member you attend at no charge!

Past TEP Talks have included:

  • Millennials to Mavens-a panel featuring women in ages from 30-80. Understanding the generational viewpoints of women and how they work collectively to learn from each other.
  • Women in Blue-featuring the top women leaders in public safety, law enforcement and policing.
  • CHANGERS-featured women leaders who have had decades of community service and who have changed their communities through their advocacy and philanthropic service.

Oxygen Mask Events

As the number of members in the Eleanor Project grows through their experience with Dinner and Discussion, we will begin to host larger group events with a special invite to those who become members to join us for a social event, called Oxygen Mask Evenings.

The Eleanor Project encourages social events that work to create time for women to unwind and to take a breath.  Oxygen Mask Events were named based on the theory of plane safety. In all flights before takeoff, the flight crew says “in the event of a sudden drop in pressure” an oxygen mask will drop — put on your mask first before assisting others next to you. The thinking here is that you cannot be effective helping others, unless you help yourself. Oxygen Masks events provide opportunities to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

These are hosted throughout the year in some cases with nominal costs.

Dinner & Discussions

Our Dinner & Discussion events connect professional, established women with ambitious and influential young ladies in the community.

The dinners will have specific instructions provided to the dinner hosts delivered in a special Eleanor Project gift box. The box will include dinner invites, instructions, place mats that are scripts for dialog, thank you notes and gift tags for the respective “small gift” that is handed to each guest at the close.

  • Small dinners of 8 or less, with a mix of both younger women and those who have established community contacts will help create relationships where mentoring and connecting on specific projects can begin (Guest list and dinner invites require a 4-week advanced planning).
  • The hosts or co-hosts of the dinner are responsible for the guest list, the dinner itself (home, local restaurant), sending out the invitations and leading the discussion from beginning to end.
  • Every guest will bring business cards and at the end of the dinner will share an ”ASK.”  This ask might include seeking new job contacts, expanding business network, working to launch or start a community project or asking the group to be involved in an existing project.
  • The ASK is then collected along with business card and loaded into the Eleanor Project website. From that “ASK” selection, we invite the guests to react to one and help within a week.
  • The ASK is key to the Eleanor Project-if the 8 women at the D&D continue to stay in contact for the next year the potential for each ASK to be realized will happen.

Women Owned & Operated

The Eleanor Project wants to recognize, celebrate and do business with WOO establishments. WOO is Women Owned and Operated! The major focus of our effort is to identify businesses that are created and operated by women in our community. We asked our local chambers, business forecasting centers and other local agencies if any list exists that highlights businesses where women are the primary owners and found none. This is our starting point.

For every business, the Eleanor Project identifies as WOO-worthy, we will provide a WOO decal and actively promote that business on our website. A special decal dedication where other Eleanor members join in will be part of that ceremony!

Contact us today to feature your WOO business!

For more on why we need to promote the local women in our community who own and run their own businesses download and read this PDF.