"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Founded in 2015 by Kristen Spracher-Birtwhistle and Stacey Jackson.

The Eleanor Project

They are sisters, friends, colleagues who teamed together with other women, and men to build a business strategy and plan for what Eleanor was to become – a program where women can advance both personally and professionally together! We believe in the beauty of this dream!

Using those life lessons learned from one of history’s greatest women leaders-Eleanor Roosevelt, who dedicated herself to serving and promoting women and their causes, we started the Eleanor Project. In a living room with a few other inspired souls who equally believed in our vision.

Two years in, our future focus is to continue to create new programs, events and conversations that bring women together. To develop educational platforms that are unique and inspiring and most importantly provides a new way of connecting the “established” generation with younger women, future leaders so both can learn and grow from mentorship, coaching and relationship building.

Being a member based organization supported by our partners at the United Way of San Joaquin County we have been able to work together to make our communities a better place for the women that live and work in San Joaquin County.

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