About WOO (Women Owned and Operated)WOO sticker mockup, 1000x450

The Eleanor Project wants to recognize, celebrate and do business with WOO establishments. WOO is Women Owned and Operated! The major focus of our effort is to identify businesses that are created and operated by women in our community. We asked our local chambers, business forecasting centers and other local agencies if any list exists that highlights businesses where women are the primary owners and found none. This is our starting point.

For every business, the Eleanor Project identifies as WOO-worthy, we will provide a WOO decal and actively promote that business on our website. A special decal dedication where other Eleanor members join in will be part of that ceremony!

Contact us today to feature your WOO business!

For more on why we need to promote the local women in our community who own and run their own businesses download and read this PDF.